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Flat tow




Preparation to bring your car along on an RV camping journer? Learn what autos can be levele towed behind a RV, how to set up atow bar, and more!


When you head out for a RV camping trip, you’ll likely intend to bring your cars and truck for added transportation. Before you start your journey, though, you may ask yourself: what cars can be flat towed behind a Motor Home?


Recognizing the most effective autos to tow behind a Recreational Vehicle can aid you avoid surprises throughout your vacation. Furthermore, you must know just how to effectively set your vehicle up for level towing!


To aid you get ready for your Motor Home camping journey, we assembled this detailed guide on flat towing.

Maintain reading to discover what autos can be level towed behind a Motor Home, just how to establish a tow bar, and also a lot more!


Car-Mounted Tow Pubs: How do They Function?


Level towing using a tow bar provides a couple of advantages over various other towing approaches. Compared to a cars and truck dolly, a tow bar is lighter weight and is simpler to mount.


There are several kinds of tow bars you can use when flat lugging a car. Normally, you’ll intend to use a car-mounted self-aligning tow bar. A car-mounted tow bar, as the name recommends, is mounted on the automobile being towed. A self-aligning tow bar is easier to install since the tow bar changes when both vehicles are close adequate together.


Prior to installing your tow bar, you must ensure that the tow bar is compatible with your cars and truck and also your Motor Home. Check your car’s handbook for any type of essential hauling information, as it varies from vehicle to auto. In addition, you should check with your Recreational Vehicle rental company for any other hauling info.


Setting Up a Tow Bar

Once you have a suitable tow bar for your vehicle, you’re likely anxious to get it installed. If your tow bar came with setup guidelines, read those! Below, we’ll take you through the general tow bar setup procedure.


First, set up a bracket or base to your auto to make sure that you can affix your tow bar. This goes on the front of your cars and truck. Your tow bar guidelines may show a details put on the front of your vehicle for this installation.


Next off, run the safety cables from the tow bar base to the RV’s drawback location. Ultimately, install a wiring set for your brake lights in the towed car’s fuse box. This wiring package guarantees that the brake lights of your towed car light up when your Motor Home brake lights do.


With your tow bar appropriately mounted, you’re one step better to setting out on a remarkable Motor Home experience!


Prior to you hit the trail with your car in tow, there are a few Cruise America pulling regulations as well as standards that you require to recognize.


Towing Standards For Cruise America Recreational Vehicle Services

When choosing your desire Motor Home rental, you require to discover a couple of towing guidelines.


At Cruise ship America, you have lots of Motor Home alternatives that can tow cars. We allow hauling with all sizes of our Motor Home rentals, leaving out the Truck Camper.


Each RV comes equipped with a receiver drawback, as well as you must supply your own tow bar. Additionally, Cruise Ship America does not give hook-up services or lugging device.


A vital towing policy to remember with Cruise America is the intent to tow. Essentially, if you intend to tow an automobile behind your RV leasing, you require to declare your objective prior to separation.


You’re also required to require that the weight you’re towing is within the 2,500 pounds tow weight constraint.




When planning your Recreational Vehicle journey, you’ll intend to make certain your automobile can be level lugged! Just how can you know if your vehicle can be hauled?

Typically, the very best vehicles to tow behind a Motor Home boil down to the car’s transmission and drive. If your cars and truck has a rear-wheel drive, it should additionally have a manual transmission. If your cars and truck has a four-wheel drive, it needs to be positioned in “neutral” for it to be lugged.

The best way to guarantee that your auto is flat-tow prepared is to check your proprietor’s manual typically. Virtually every automobile’s owner manual explicitly clarifies just how the auto should be lugged.

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